Ayutthaya is the best known as the old capital of Thailand. As such, here are able to maintain a large number of ancient temples, which, although today are great national treasures and interesting tourist attraction. The town is located in the central plains to Bangkok. Targets 33 kings had in the past this city in its Central Empires.


Ayutthaya retains its status as the capital of Siam in more than 400 years – from 1350 to mid-18th century At that time, the main location was a large shopping center, came here except merchants from the Middle and the Far East but throughout Europe. In 1767 Ayutthaya was razed to the ground as a result of the Burmese invasion and since then has been declared the capital Bangkok. jamaica visa requirements

With this comes the biggest rout looting of sacred figures, statues and objects fundamental to Buddhism. Nowadays Ayutthaya covers an artificial island being built a canal connecting the three rivers that flow into each other around.

After these conditional water levels in the heart of Ayutthaya the ancient town, which today does not give anything in the modern metropolises are scattered dozens of temples, dating from different eras. The largest Wat Phra says his Sanpete and was built in the 14th century and once served as a palace, and built around it and three large stupas.

Next to it is another important religious building – Watt Monkhon Bopit, which protects one of the largest Buddha statues all over Thailand. Overall figures of Buddha, dressed in yellow clothes, can be seen everywhere and in almost all temples. Wat Phra Meru In Protect the statue, which is nearly 1300 and comes from Sri Lanka.

The most convenient way to see all the interesting historical sites in Ayutthaya is like the rent a bicycle, although most sacred places are easily accessible on foot. The Ayutthaya tourists should know that pictures with a statue of Buddha which are beyond serious attitude are not tolerated by the locals.

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